Find Out What Type of Light Worker You Really Are!
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Light Worker!
  • Discover why you came to earth at this time as a Light Worker to the work you're meant to do! 
  • Learn the type of Light Worker you are & what professions suit you most!
  • Meet your shadow side to finally understand why it's not all love & light!
  • ​Steal the secret to advancing your light work in one simple step!
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Hey Light Worker, I'm Lisa!

The quintessential light worker, empath, star seed who incarnated to help heal and raise the consciousness of the planet!

I'm leading a group of fellow light workers toward their destiny & I hope you'll join us!

There is space for us all to lead, or if you're more comfortable just learning, that's ok too! 

I hope you enjoy "The Light Worker Simply Explained," and I hope to meet you over in Light Workers Lounge! (link in download)!

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